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Keshe Foundation First Public Workshop

Here I am posting the first of Mr. Keshe’s public workshops for understanding of the plasma reactor technologies. The entire series of 9 workshops that began one year ago, March 2013, can be found on MrFixItRick on YouTube.

The current series called Knowledge Seekers, can be found here.

Again to fully grasp the nature of this work the books are vital and can be found at

Remember; Love is the answer. Good luck. Continue reading


Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute Session One

A working group of scientist from around the world gather to pass along knowledge of the reactor systems.

Thank you Rick and the panel with many blessings Mr. Keshe.

Session One – March 6, 2014



What the hell happened to me?

Clearly I have been away from writing for quite some time. I am gratified by the fact that some of The People still find their way to this blog and find something useful.

weCanCureItLast summer my mother was diagnosed with stage four breast to bone cancer. Her Doctor had told her there wasn’t anything he could do and to prepare herself for her end. When she called me and let me know of this, my wife and I took off and went to be with her. This is when I stopped writing. Continue reading

The Auction Is Cancelled

Must Be The Irish In Me

I can’t remember how I found my way to this now as so much data is being made transparent at this time. But I could relate to these folks and their outrage and willingness to stand up for their neighbors and themselves. I thought maybe it is the Irish in me that has not been able to ignore this bull shit for so many years? Then I thought, well it could be the Scot as well or the French and for sure the Native American. Continue reading

I haven't been able to track the originator of this yet but will credit when I have.

So Brilliantly Cheeky

I just saw this over at NESARA NEWS and just thought it was brilliant. Humor is such a great sign of intelligence. Hopefully I will get more clever as I get older.

Subject: Denied a permit
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 12:33:23 -0700
I haven't been able to track the originator of this yet but will credit when I have.
I haven’t been able to track the originator of this yet but will credit when I have.

This farm owner was denied a council permit to build a horse shelter. Fortunately, you don’t need a permit build a table and chairs.

Posted by John MacHaffie of NESARA NEWS

at 4:09 PM

The One; The None; The Illusion; The Reality


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