Seasons of Steve

Identifying the seasons of one’s life seems tricky sometimes. One has the physical experience of the season, in this case late summer time and also the season of the short cycles as-well-as the long count seasons that one becomes more aware of as more time has passed in ones life. How to harvest these energies that are seemingly commingled into a singular experience and use them to benefit ones self and others is, I think, an accomplishment worthy of high aspiration.

What I can observe about myself is that I am entering into a summertime experience in my longer count and a fragile spring in my more immediate experience. The summer experience comes from having a knowing that throughout my life there have been times when I was powerful and strong. Everything I attempted met with uncommon results. There have also been times such as the last four years, when nothing could work out and often met with uncommon failure. Granted the interrupt from a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury at the age of thirty-five seemed to facilitate a much longer and drawn out winter. The interesting part of this cycle has been trying to reconcile who I was with who I am today. Often there is the memory of who I am that is not congruent with how I am today. This loss of fixed identity was invaluable in the winter of healing and remains useful as I actually don’t have any idea who I am.

In my physical experience at this time of late summer I contemplate that which I am harvesting. What I notice is that I once again stand in the face of fascism daily with a solid resolve and gentle aspiration to transform oppressive aggression for the benefit of all beings including our mother earth. I am experiencing brilliant intimacy in my relationship and the blessing of seeing another human being come to a point where they are not afraid of who they are and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. My wife and I have cut most all ties that contribute to the furthering of the globalist agenda that has brought a large portion of the population to a tight, small-minded stupor.

In studying the Psychology of the Five Elements, I would aspire to harvest a deeper understanding of how to recognize, relate to and balance the energies of the five elements to progress along the path of healing personally and in turn help others to find their own path to healing.


What do you think?

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