The Ke Cycle, The Cycle of Control

In describing the Ke cycle from my experience of Fire, I would have to look at Metal. When I am in a Metal state my response to Fire is based on what kind of Metal I am and what kind of fire, Fire is being. It can be really annoying.

Fire can control my metal by getting me to lighten up when I am too scrunchy faced and serious. If it is not the right fire with the right metal however, I get edgy. Then I cut right into the creativity of the moment with some type of anger, like a noisy chainsaw into Wood. It’s usually because my blood sugar is low. So I go to my earth momma and she offers me up a bowl of warm home made organic soup on a cold night and I can settle again. As the sense of satisfaction grows I dig my roots deeper into the earth to drink up the cool Water of reflection on the anger that arose. Then we come back to a loving embrace, warmed by the Fire of our love.

This is a pithy, albeit corny, synopsis of my life. It reflects the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of my life. Fire to Metal is emotional; Metal to Wood is transition from emotional to physical; Wood to Earth is physical; Earth to Water is physical/spiritual; Water to Fire is joining spiritual, physical, and emotional. The balance at each point along the cycle is dependent on the element before it. When in harmony the entire cycle can resonate health or when in dissonance can spin off in dysfunction. The amount of times we both say how happy we are is good feedback that we are doing pretty well.

I use anger here, as the example, but it could be jealousy, envy or fear. I used to rage a lot. I spent years, just throwing water on the fire to keep it down. It wasn’t until I got some more fire in my life that I was able to make progress with it.


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