WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP. The Story of the 2012 Revolution By HopeGirl

I have been following these events for 35 years. I used to write extensively on the subject and continually had to rebuild my blog when it would be taken down, hacked. The last time it was hacked they also got all of my backups, even the ones on my computer. That is why I am going to keep a backup of this on disk. I am having formatting issues that need to get figured out. So, please go to HopeGirl2012’s website where it is nicely put together.

With all of my heart I endorse this research and in the following posts I will support the upcoming projects to take on the actions to create our Golden Age devoid of the negative forces that have provided the only world we have known, full of suffering for their benefit.

If you have not become familiar with this information yet, take a deep breath and keep breathing and keep waking up.

With great Love,



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