The One People’s Public Trust

logo-1776I have heard it said that first thought is best thought. It is that space just before the thought, that gives rise to the thought. In that space can be found the awareness, clarity. That first thought is usually jumped on by the past, present and future concepts. Contrast is applied and that clarity becomes shaped and molded into a dualistic concept of good and bad.

This was no exception to that.

This is a video presentation from the PDF presentation that was released by The One People’s Public Trust explaining, in simplified terms, what has transpired to slip the leash of corporate rule under the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code), Universal Law and Common Law to return the sovereignty of each individual on Earth. Foreclosing on the private corporation, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, masquerading as a government. This is to include the Federal Reserve, IMF and even the Vatican is included.

This is a big deal.

I will right more. The article While You Were Asleep by HopeGirl is an excellent encapsulation of the history of this saga in human history.

First Thought

My first thought of this is really sound in agreement with this and very excited. I did some due diligence and checked out the UCC website and found the filings as-well-as the county. I have been active in this discourse for over two years and can describe many of the aspects clearly. This is a completely coherent next step and has been the expectation for some time. Moreover, I feel it. All of the information that I have received for many years, leads to this action (I used to write extensively on the subject and have held this aspiration for 35 years). In my heart, I truly accept that we are free.

Second Thought

“Are you nuts? This has to be a ruse, c’mon!” John Boehner as interim President? I am not saying “Heil Boehner”.

And how many wacky stories have I had to go through on the internet? But then again, how many of those wacky stories were actually correct or were at least on to something?

But the paperwork checks out. There are a couple of questions I still have but my inerds are telling me this is good news.

This is a very simplified version of how things came to be and what has happened. I will also post with this a recording of a conversation with one of the trustees were she very graciously answered any and all questions.

The Links From The Video

You are strongly encouraged to read these documents. Until last night I had not read them completely as it is a load. Some start off looking like the legal paperwork that is difficult to read, but, if you keep going in the documents such as Official Announcements 1 and 2, I found these to be amazing documents.


A Report On Bank, Judicial and Government Corruption:


THE ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC TRUST: A Conversation With Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf:

The People’s Trust- This is Only Just the Beginning:

The People’s Trust is Truly the PEOPLE’s Trust:

The One People’s Public Trust” NOW PARADIGM PROTOCOL Documents:

Taking the One People’s Public Trust and Running with It:

Bugger The Bankers – THE OFFICIAL VIDEO:

The One People’s Public Trust Documents… All in One Zip Folder:

Free At Last Discussion Groups:

You Have the Right to Know:

The original PDF of this presentation:

A conversation with a Trustee of The One People’s Trust

The sound is unfortunately digitally broken up.

The take away

For me, what is important to take away from this is the realization that the fundamental freedom that all people have, has had the shackles removed and we are free to live a good and vibrant life. While some may think we have had that freedom, the choices you have made until now have been to choose between one controlled option and another.

This represents Tableau Rosa. One Law. Some would refer to The Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But some people would have others doing unto them things I would not want done to me (if you know what I mean). So I go with the oath that I took as a healer. First, do no harm. The Ten Commandments work well also.

But what you have to deal with is that the banks, the collection agencies, the government and most of the ideals that would have us believe that we are somehow separate are now irrelevant according to these actions that are now ours to adopt and to move forward.

I find myself thinking about the people in the south when they were told they were no longer slaves. They just let them go. What they must have tried to figure out in that moment of now. Where do I go? How will I live? Who will let me know what I am supposed to do?

This is our moment of now. If you have ever asked yourself what you would do if you didn’t have all of this debt or the crappy boss or were not convinced that you would be knocked down when you tried to live your dream, now would be the time to create that world.

This is a time of what we consider magic. Things that were impossible just a few months ago are now a part of history. It is a time to breath and enjoy the burden being lifted from your back and relax into a new age and connect to the profound responsibility of being human.

There is still a time of transition. For a white guy, it might be difficult to even accept his status as a slave. When one considers how many times one got up to go to job that one hated or couldn’t do something that would have brought great fulfillment because you had to work, this realization sets in quickly and the training of scarcity becomes apparent.We were absolutely hard-core trained to be the best income producing slaves we could be.

If you are someone who is reading this, chances are you are well in front of the curve. Even if this is the first you have heard of anything like this, the rest of humanity still has a ways to go. But make no mistake, the genie is out of the bottle and not going back in. The changes are everywhere and have been for some time.

We truly are and always have been the ones we have been waiting for, together. This is the reality I wish to experience. So, even if it is a complete bunch of BS, it is BS that opens people to the possibility that it can happen. So, I am aligned with it. Either which way, my aspiration to end suffering and liberate everyone from economic enslavement and tyranny of all kinds is served by this, this includes our homes.

I am free. Always have been free. Now we agree together and establish that as law that we are all free and at one with Creation and Creator. Back to Prime.


What do you think?

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