OPPT + Keshe Foundation = Major Paradigm Shift


Choose, Servitude or Freedom

Yes, it is a choice. All of the screaming and yelling for people to “WAKE UP!” is over. All of the bitching about what has been wrong is over. All that is left is the inertia of the past being brought into the present. The proverbial chicken with its head cut off.

The means and tools for liberation and self-determination have been placed before us and exist in this space and time right now. No speculation or negativity can alter that reality. Change is upon us and it is real. We all have a choice to step into that present reality and create a future from this place of power or we can remain cowardly in the status quo, which will just deteriorate around us and become more and more dysfunctional and painful. All things living want to continue. The old paradigm will continue, for a while. But in the end, a choice of free will is theirs and ours to make.

What is the change?

Our current system consists of a very small group of entities, corporations and trusts that control or hold undue influence of everything that we do, this is known. Using the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) to undermine constitutions, laws and representative government, such that they are the government we think we vote for, the pharmaceuticals we take to combat the diseases they cause through poisoning the food, water and air and the materials we require to make all of these things. Most of all they have controlled the money and the energy we have come to believe we need to survive.

If you have not noticed lately, the big banks have been coming into a lot of legal trouble, politicians have been screaming louder and louder and passing insane acts through to legislation that clearly have no benefit for The People and corporate CEO’s are resigning as fast as they can. This is the result of seeing people make the choice. The gig is up and they have been either hunkering down, or fleeing the scene. Either way leaving their mess for us to clean up and the longer we sit by, the more mess there will be to clean up. I think most of us are aware of this by now, right?

There are three major components to the massive shift that is happening now.

First, is the awakening of the people to the deception that has been our lives. This provides the space for change to occur.

Secondly, is the One People’s Public Trust,1776 or The OPPT. This provides the legal and financial framework to step out of the old paradigm of servitude and into the paradigm of self-determination and actualized freedom.

Thirdly, is The Keshe Foundation. This organization provides the technology to affect energy, transportation, health, environment and materials procurement and development. This effectively ends the perceived need for fossil fuels, GMO’s, pharmaceuticals, environmental destruction and of course war plus so much more. The space propulsion plasma reactor technology has been released to the public and there are those of us at work on it right now (see Keshe folder in the right hand side bar of this blog. There are three books available on the website: keshefoundation.org). An Italian team has already produced a prototype and there are some in the US that are all but ready to release theirs. The country of Iran, by all accounts, already has a Spaceship Program that has resulted in them being assaulted as a “nuclear threat”. Mr. Keshe’s interpretation and advancement in physics helps us to understand our true nature and that of all phenomena. This understanding is profound.

What that gives us is an aware public with the means and technology capable of creating a world of previously unimagined beauty and abundance for every being on this planet and including the planet.

What’s the catch?


Putting aside all of the ways of being that create separation. You see at this moment of now that we are experiencing, the former corporate governments and financial institutions are no more. They have been foreclosed upon under the UCC, Universal and Common law. It is so, so it is done. As is written in the OPPT documents, unrebutted and unrebuttable. This was done on our behalf under The People’s Trust of 1776. This means you are actually very wealthy as a beneficiary of this amazing feat of legal Truth. We are also responsible for its enforcement.

Mr. Keshe has proven his technology and it is patented and available to all so that the corporate “powers that were” can not touch it. They have been beaten using their own tools of oppression that their arrogance would not have thought possible through transparency and selflessness.

What’s left of the three components? The People, you and me. It is our political, financial and personal will that will determine our way forward. We are free from the oppression of the “other” and rest in our own personal free will in union with The Creator and the source of all. As such, we ourselves are Creator.

What to do?

• The OPPT has provided documentation for you to step into this new paradigm and release the burden of debt and put it back where it rightfully belongs on the foreclosed entities. The first step of that is the filing of a Financial Declaration with the UCC acknowledging the actions and filing claim against the foreclosed entities. [post script: as this story has had a minor viral spread it is important to note that there is now a tool for communicating with these foreclosed entities called a Courtesy Notice.] For more information on this check out Removing The Shackles, American Kabuki websites all of this is available at i-uv.com. The more of us that take this on will hasten the process giving less time to make more trouble. This is an intervention of peace.

• The Keshe Foundation has agreed to release all of their technology for health, transportation, etc. the moment all of the leaders from around the world agree to a peace treaty that he has called for. This announcement can also be found at the American Kabuki site. Become familiar with this action and get involved.

All that is required is to live and let live in peace. BE peace. Would you like to do that?

It is time

It is time to set aside the confusion of hope and fear.
It is time to set aside the separateness of duality.
It is time to envision.
It is time to honor our power.
It is time to not be afraid of who we are.
It is time to BE and have that BEing give rise to our DOing in this world.
It is time to love and be Love.

It is time to be free! OPPT-IN!


14 thoughts on “OPPT + Keshe Foundation = Major Paradigm Shift”

        1. A reflection of Basic Goodness. AND I added my value to your value to create a video of your presentation back in the day all those 6 months ago. I didn’t know who you were for the first few days and wasn’t able to credit you with the work you had done, so it felt right to do so now because you made a difference and I am grateful.


  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !! ” filing of a Financial Declaration with the UCC acknowledging the actions and filing claim against the foreclosed entities”… is that available in France ? I have not heard of anything as such…


    1. Hi Olga-
      The UCC has global application and applies to all corporations posing as a government which applies to France as well. You can BE DOing this there as well.

      I would direct you to http://i-uv.com where you can find much more information. The One People’s Public Trust was reconciled with all other hierarchies into the I/UV Ixchange last month and is known by that name now.

      Merci, Merci, Merci!!


    1. Yo BP, I have been wanting to contact you and thank you for you fabulous work for a long time now. You are totally tuned in to “The Big Picture” and doing great work!


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