collective imagination

Playing with the energy of the Collective Imagination

It is such a joy to not feel the need to persuade others to just come to the basic realization that we live in a slave system anymore, let alone that something should be done about it. Now there is enough of us awareness and a viable solution that we can engage more in the play of the universe. That is what happened here at this moment of now on and within the Collective Imagination.

Collective Imagination is an internet radio show headed up by Lisa Harrison. I won’t gush on too long about her except to say I have come to hold her in high regard. Her cohorts Chris and Bob add invaluable voices and insight to the topics at hand. The current topic being that of The One People’s Public Trust, 1776. On this episode they are joined by “D” from Removing The Shackles website and Heather, one of the trustees for the OPPT.

Yes, you will be hearing a lot from me regarding this topic. When you are ready and so choose, I invite you to to get curious and come play along. I have said it several times and will continue to say it; I am so grateful to be awake and alive at this moment of now! It has been a humbling honor to be a part of the creation energy that has brought this shift to humanity over the last several decades. I have learned so much and each day is of the now is filled with holy shit realizations.

If you would like to know about the present state of the OPPT give a listen. I cannot imagine anyone who listens with open mind and open heart to find these good people anything other than sound, thoughtful and holding the space for the greatest good of all.

collective imagination

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