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The Deep Resonance Of The OPPT | Freedom Reigns

There is a deep reservoir of support for the One People’s Public Trust, 1776. It is more vast than anything I have felt before. There is nothing flimsy about it anymore. It is as strong as an ocean current of liquid gold lifting the energy up. An indomitable force.

There are many “strange” ideas that come along with transition. The most anyone can ask is that they are allowed to be heard. I think this is where it helps to inspect our own larger pictures. What is your highest aspiration for your world? How does this fall into that?

What I have found in working with this energy is, that the left brain analytics of it all is a lot. The kinesthetic intuition is a more compelling barometer of WTF is going on.

Make no mistake, we are hurling ourselves into a new paradigm, it has already happened. We are co-caretakers and creators of all we survey. Somethings I am not so comfortable with even though I understand the thought. The issue of ownership. The concept is, I am an energy that has just been released from bondage, why would I enslave another energy through the concept of ownership? I have to let go of a lot of ego for that one. If studied closely though, that is what the cabals have understood. They don’t actually own as much as you would think, but instead seek to control it and influence it. That all happens through the concept of ownership which takes advantage of duality which is what we have been experiencing. So, what we can inference is that we are creating a non-dualistic society or an enlightened society. This society will arise out of constant roiling of the Matters brought into existence by the understanding of the creation of matters and, we don’t know what that looks like until it arises.

So, have a listen to this week that has a ton more great insights. See what you think.

 freedom reigns

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