When you get confronted by the bankrupt system, set your terms

We have established that we are free of the deception of the false governments and usurping banks. Most of those who are dependent upon that system don’t know this however or will try to continue its ways out of their own personal choice.

When this occurs and you are approached by an agent of one of these corporations in an attempt to illegally extort money from you, including taxes, this is a tool to inform them of the change in landscape. If they wish to interact with you they can pay you for your time and/or any damages caused by them personally. It is important to understand that the person who is contacting you is now acting out of personal liability without the protection of the alleged corporation. This includes debt collectors, government agents, banks and even the police.

When you are contacted by an individual presuming to represent a fictional, foreclosed entity this document is to be used to respond informing them of the change and your terms which you agree to engage with them. If they contact you again then they have agreed to your terms and you begin to invoice them. So, that ass-hole debt collector that been using every dirty trick they can think of to harass you with impunity, just became your customer. Treat them as such because they are The One People as well and deserve your dignified response.

In this way, we begin to take the violence and abuse out of our experience.

To use this properly will require that you study completely and become absolute in accepting who you are and having them prove who they are to have authority over you. Since the UCC filings of the OPPT that position belongs only to God/Creator/Source. There is nothing that stands with authority in between. As it always has been without the deception that we have lived under all of our lives.

The recording of the OPPT on Max Igan’s show gives a nice understanding. This discussion is posted here.

Study, BE and DO from that being.

The PDFs of these documents are available in the right hand side bar of this site.



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