Being and Doing

My BEing Is My Value, My DOing Is The Exchange Of That Value

The conversation around the OPPT in the past days has been centered around coming to an understanding of our inherent value as human beings or as we have come to be known as, CVAC’s, Creators Value Asset Centers.

Many people are equating the DOing aspect of this equation as the value. This is a mistake. We have had people running around doing for a very long time with absolutely no idea of their true value which is their BEing. There is absolutely nothing you can do or not do that will increase or decrease your value. You were born with it and so was everyone else.

Is the new born baby suckling at her mothers’ tit any less valuable than the old man with a Ph.D. from Harvard? No. We are all equal. As we move through the world in our DOing, we exchange that value with those we come in contact with. It is very organic. Some may choose to exchange more energy with others. This does not increase their value. If that were the case then we would have value gobbling greed machines running around sucking all of the energy out of people like vampires.

What we have seen happening for millennium is the extraction of value from doing because many of us have lost the appreciation of our true value, our inherent value. Our BEing-ness.

chakra2When a Being comes to understand that consciousness is the ground of all being and magnetism is the source field energy, then that person can sit in one place and change the world. As their field grows others of “like mind” begin to have ideas of their own. Some of those people will be people who love to exchange their energy and are busy DOing. This does not make those who are DOing inherently more valuable, it is just a different expression of the inherent energy that we are. That is what gives us the diversity we see all around us. Just as water can take the form of solid ice, liquid or gaseous clouds, we can take on differing qualities of activity.

For example, my partner gets immense satisfaction out of being very busy. She always has two or more things going at the same time. I on the other hand will sit in the center of that whirlwind and just BE with intention and mindfulness. I have immense appreciation for her activity and she has appreciation for my being. We are a human sized representation of an atom.

For a few years I bought into the whole your doing is your value crap. This was just a way to extort my energy. I was working as many as 90-100 hours a week at times!

Of course this led to an aggravated sense of being and I went through two marriages and spent a lot of money. I personally was no better off for all of that DOing. I just paid more taxes and had more medical issues that had me taking more prescriptions to keep me DOing at that level.

I did this, because to not do this was to be worth-less in this F’d up construct of reality and was hazardous to my well-being. This was more true than I had realized at the time. This is another story for another time. In short there were three notable attempts on my life each of which followed a refusal to stay in or join a society.

After the third attempt I came to realize these things. The Catholic Church, the Masons and the Neo-Cons don’t like to be told to “Suck my Richard!” and have my value withdrawn from their account as they think they own me. The other was that HSBC was the holder of my perceived value and that my financial difficulties were not brought about by my being worth-less or incompetent. The tool of their domination is the credit reporting agencies which they used to assassinate my character from the time I entered the world as an adult as a means to coerce me or destroy me. It almost worked.

Why would they do such a thing? Because as a child of a wealthy business man growing up in the woods of Maine I came to understand the oneness of all creation. I lived in a very magical world amidst materialism and violence. Contrast was my teacher.

If a being is allowed to rest in the understanding of what Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche refers to as Basic Goodness and other Buddhist refer to as Emptiness or Buddha Nature and Christians refer to, I believe, as Christ Consciousness, then the PTW are screwed. This is a problem for them because not only are you not directly controlled by them, but you gain access to the stream of consciousness that they use to distort perception. Once there you can interact with them and they do not know how to deal with that other than to kill your physical and/or mental body and defer having to deal with you.

That is why they constructed societal norms. They actually use us against each other. To distract and encourage duality such that we don’t go looking where they don’t want with proper motivation and intention. In that way we increase each others suffering and allow them to benefit from that energy.

This brings me to comments made by Caleb on the OPPT-IN radio program from Monday, March 11, 2012. I have great respect and appreciation for the sacrifices and value that he has contributed and understand his desire to move on. After removing the turd he threw in the punch bowl, what I heard him saying is that the CVAC system is problematic. As a former anarchist myself, I get that. I actually think that awareness may have been what took the trust to the level it needed to be. Basically saying, ain’t nobody the boss of me!

Within any structure is the possibility of corruption and ultimately it is not required. However, of the 7 billion+ human beings on this planet at this time, only a small percentage have an actual awareness of The OPPT and the transition that has occurred. Of that, only a percentage have an understanding of consciousness. From what I can gather not even the trustees of the OPPT seem to be aware of the rest of the transitions that are occurring simultaneously. I am also aware that I don’t know shit! I get waves of glimpses that make me a little nauseous at times because of the realization of how little I understand.

The rest of the people are living in a world where they paid X amount of money for a property and if you want to BE and DO in that spot on Gaia you have to pay them X amount of money. Trust me, if I could have found someone with a piece of land that would transfer the right of Co-Conservatorship of  that $100,000 land in exchange for Massage or Graphic Design or any other of my skills, I would be doing that. But even that would leave me indebted to them for a very long time.

The process of educating each person on the fact that all land titles have been cancelled and have them except that and create a new means of exchange could take decades and create massive amounts of negative energy brought on by grasping and clinging.

Where as, the CVAC system could be brought into existence with a specific measurable goal and upon it’s completion of that goal be dissolved by the free will of the people. Expediting the transition and facilitating the greater good and the good of the individual.

Society depends on agreement. Realization depends on the individual. Individuals make up society. I can’t and do not wish to control either nor do I wish to be controlled. I will not contribute my value to the system the way it is. So for me to move forward, everyone must come to agreement to live freely and with an agreed upon form of exchange of energy. The old system will crash. It has to. It is. If we do not form agreement around how to move forward from this time, the result may be that which people seem to fear from the OPPT, anarchy and the strongest and meanest will prevail. This is the pattern of history.

It is up to us in this moment of Now to create and hold the space for something unknown and unknowable to arise in peace, love and compassion that serves all creators and creations alike. For it is all one and by it’s being has value. It is through our intention, collectively, that we are creating this and to not support those who are having difficulty with this transition lacks compassion and will fail.

For most people, it seems, that our current state of slavery is new to them. For me it has been 36 years of trying to live in and/or change in this system without causing damage to others. 3/4 of my entire life and I would like to rest now.

If you look at it though, there is not much you can do at this time without causing damage to others. Every dollar you earn is debt to someone else. When I poor a quart of oil into the car all I can see is the blood of my family and friends who fight for the corporate greed and the blood of our beloved Gaia.

If a CVAC system will create the space for all to come to realize the inherent value of all of creation and relate to that sacredness in our daily lives, to set aside hope and fear and give the creation/creators the key to fulfill their greatest desires, then my Being and my DOing become aligned and I AM IN.

Post Script:

I have just finished listening to the Collective Imagination program where the CVAC system or not to CVAC system was discussed. I am always amazed by the fact that what I am BEing with gets pulled down and addressed specifically. Gives me the giggles.

I certainly heard what I wanted to hear. I don’t particularly want a new nanny state. However, I do see that having a bridge from materialism to liberation would save massive amounts of time and conflict. All we really need is our rightful access to our hijacked value. From there those of us that are prepared can use that value to awaken those who are not aware yet by example.

I might offer to pay off all of the debt for an entire city if they can prove it is valid and they cannot get access to their own value. Some act to shake people out of their stupor and cynicism. From there, all issues that arise will be related to by the people in each community as they need.

We don’t need a CVAC system for garbage collection because the need is different in each location. Garbage collection needs are different in Africa than they are in Australia. The needs of each community can and will be gladly related to by the beings in that area.

All we really need is the means to transition everyone from the enslaved energies of ownership/money and scarcity to co-operation/value and abundance. The rest will take care of itself. You can bet your value on the fact that if trash is piling up all over the place and nobody wants to pick it up, someone will figure out a way to vaporize that crap pretty quick.

So, one CVAC system of Treasury with the specific and measurable goal of returning the value of each individual on the planet and then shut it down. Those born into this world thereafter have no need to worry about it as they will have unfettered access to their value and the freedom to live their lives as they so choose.

True enlightenment and the end of suffering will still be the responsibility of each individual. That, can’t be done for you. But this would make it much more accessible as the obstacles and challenges would be greatly reduced.

Yup, that still sounds good to me. I can still see it. And I am more confident than ever that If I can see it I can achieve it. And when I say “I” it is with the understanding and appreciation that observer and observed are one.

By this merit may all obtain omniscience
May it defeat the enemy wrong doing
From the stormy waves of birth, old age, sickness and death
From the ocean of Samsara
May I free all beings.

By the confidence of the Golden Sun of the Great East
May the Lotus garden of the Rigdens wisdom bloom.

May the dark ignorance of sentient beings be dispelled
May all beings enjoy profound, brilliant glory.


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