Poland Prototype of Keshe Reactor

This was released a couple of weeks ago, but I have been busy with others that needed my care and haven’t gotten around to it. It is no less important progress.

I also received this email today. No dates posted yet, stay tuned. If you have not read Book 1 The Universal Order of Creation of MATTERS, I highly recommend it.

Keshe Foundation in-depth teaching courses.

As we promised a long time ago, once the servers are up and running, we will start teaching program and we said that we will use the literature’s of the Foundation for bases of teaching.

The Foundation from July will start a weekly program of teaching, by going through chapter by chapter of each book and section by section of each paper which is published.

We foresee at this moment live-stream teaching on the bases of the donation program.

This meaning everyone can donate to the Foundation as they would like to participate in the live-stream exactly according the way the papers are going to be released.

There shall be a limited number of lines available for the live-stream.

The Foundation will post the date and time for each session in the coming weeks on the forum and those who are interested can book a line through the forum link.

We try to find a way that questions can be answered live too.

Most probably we will open answer @ one of the Foundations links, that question can be asked directly.

The first session will be on book 1 chapter 1 and 2

The second session will be on book 2 chapter 1

The third session will be Book 3 chapter 1

The fourth week will be on The paper to be published

1st week of August will be book 1 chapter 3

And so forth.

If you have any suggestions please let us know that if acceptable and possible doable we can adopt to suit the majority.

There is a point of time too and the day of the week.

The sessions will be recorded and will be put on the forum, the same way as the papers are to be released.

Yours faithfully

M T Keshe
The Founder of the Keshe Foundation


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