Shazizz Plasma Reactor Shows Progress

Shazizz demonstrates his live progress on his Plasma Reactor Generator. It still has a 12V energy catalyst, however using the argon gas he seems to be generating a strong field.

It would be useful if he would put a meter on that thing to see some levels.

Screen shot 2013-06-14 at 1.44.08 AM

However, it is my understanding from reading the work of Mr. M.T. Keshe, a nuclear physisist who has developed a plasma reactor, that energy is a by-product of the reaction. That different effects can be achieved with different gasses or combination of gases. This is why he can address issues of health, propulsion and energy amongst other benefits.

Shazizz is singular in his focus and admirably so. But once he has achieved his goal, it is possible that such a device could be used in other vital ways as well. By understanding the cause and effects of that field that he is poking at with a current detector and a light bulb.

For instance: It is my understanding that the healthy cells of the body are negatively charged. Cancer cells carry a positive charge. If the field were calibrated such that it could shift all of the positive cells to a negative charge, then it would seem to follow that those previously cancerous cells would become healthy cells and respond appropriately and it could all happen in the blink of an eye.

So rage on you crazy redneck! You might be DOing more than you know.

It’s all in high gear now.


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