A Hardy Welcome To The NSA


I wish to extend a warm welcome to the entities at the NSA to my blog.

For years we have been trying to communicate with you but you have been as wall flowers staying in the background.

In case you didn’t realize it, you could have just clicked the FOLLOW button. It’s FREE!

Many of the blogs and websites that you are monitoring have been erected with the intention of reaching out to you as an invitation to come out of the shadows and relate to us directly.

After continued refusals to engage openly and transparently many became offended by your voyeuristic approach and hostile attacks. Others became exhibitionists. Still others just tried to pretend you just weren’t there.

Admittedly we did not understand that you were communicating openly, in your own way, through the media, governments and corporations. All that you do and aspire to is portrayed in the media and all around us. I get that.

However, in this new and INvolving landscape, what is important to note is that (I) have Absolute Love, Gratitude and Appreciation for your BEing. It is your DOing that (I) am addressing. Your DOing is, and has been, causing damage to countless BEings.

(I) has established the logical, spiritual, ethical, legal, financial and military basis for these activities to end and establishes the freedom of all Eternal Essences Embodied, yet you persist.

As such you, by your own free will choice, cause your value to be considered irrelevant in the progression of the new landscape that we are INvolving into. This is regrettable as the value you offer is considerable to the benefit of all BEings throughout time and space, in all dimensions in countless universes.

iLogoA paragraph in the Universal Value Exchange introduction was added to allow the space for you to come and join the party…

(I) consciously PAYS focused energy to unite and integrate the DO’ing and BE’ing of the embodiments of eternal essence within eternal essence’s universe, absent judgment made of any role an embodiment of eternal essence played in the former systems of experiment in any allusion of existence. In Absolute Truth not one embodiment of eternal essence is more important or less than another.

What has been clearly stated is that this experience is done and it is time to move on. We are creating a new reality that the majority of people on this planet want to experience.

You are warmly invited to participate transparently.

Surely you are aware of this as it is posted…everywhere. But if you would like to read this filing again you can see it here.

Aloha and I hope you enjoy my blog.

P.S. As you have not seemed to learned manners where you come from I should be clear, I DO NOT CONSENT TO YOU ACCESSING ANY DATA OF MINE THAT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. THIS IS A VIOLATION OF UCC FILING Rec. No. 2013032035.


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