Update 7.17.2013: Course Lecture 1 of M.T. Keshe’s Book 1 – ‘The Universal Order of Creation of Matters’ Announced

bookOneUpadate 7.17.2013 – From M.T. Keshe: Sorry to announce that due to Ingrid as the organiser of the lectures not being available to coordinate the 17th lecture, consequently the first lecture will be delayed and it will start on 24.7.2013.  Sadness ;-(The course scheduled for today has been updated: Due to security arrangements for the forum, the first teaching program is delayed to the 17th of July.
For those who had been waiting for my follow up on a summation on this body of work, I apologize for my lack of follow through. I was called away to care for a loved one who has stage 4 cancer.

I have managed a few short posts, but not my usual longer thought out posts. Not to mention the challenge of trying to summarize something that has been so precisely written into its simplest form.
Fortunately, Mr. Keshe comes to the rescue again. I can not stress enough the importance of this work to every human being. Through this work you will come to understand the actual mechanics of the origin and the arising of all phenomena.
You do NOT need to be a science geek to get this! It is as profound on a spiritual level as it is on a physical level. Even if you have no desire to build a plasma reactor of your own, the fullness of understanding this work will change your approach to life.

Lecture 1

Book 1 – The Universal Order of Creation of Matters

Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

Date : Tuesday, 9th of July 2013

Time of beginning: 06:00 PM (18:00 h) MEST = Middle European Summer Time

04:00 PM (16:00 h) UTC = Coordinated Universal Time (World Time, Greenwich Meantime)

That is 12pm EST.

Please orientate on the UTC time.

(coordinated universal time = temps universel coordonné = Greenwich Meantime GMT = WET West European time) and consider possible summer timeThis is the first lecture of the Basic Course. Here you are introduced not only to the definitions of several specific terms essential for the understanding of the whole theory but get familiar with some of the most essential ideas behind this theory.• Definitions of
– magnetic ray
– magnetic field
– plasmatic magnetic field
– interaction
– entanglement
– interlocking
• The Creation of Magnetic and gravitational fields of the EarthThe Foundation will provide link for joining the session through video stream on this page the week before start of each lecture. http://forum.keshefoundation.org/forumdisplay.php?11-Announcements


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