What the hell happened to me?

Clearly I have been away from writing for quite some time. I am gratified by the fact that some of The People still find their way to this blog and find something useful.

weCanCureItLast summer my mother was diagnosed with stage four breast to bone cancer. Her Doctor had told her there wasn’t anything he could do and to prepare herself for her end. When she called me and let me know of this, my wife and I took off and went to be with her. This is when I stopped writing.

When we arrived, she was ashen, in pain and clearly going down hill.

We began with a very straight forward conversation about what she wanted to have happen. She told me that she just didn’t want to die in pain. I said, “OK, so dying is fine, just not in pain”. To that she then clarified, “well no, I want to live and not have pain”. That set the intention for what we were up to.

We then started her on a diet rich in amigdalin (B-17) and through in some hemp oil for good measure. We then immediately went to look for a Dr. that was knowledgable and was willing to assist her under her insurance. We did find one.

He started her on a course of hormone therapy, the names I con not remember, but will update with the names, that is still considered chemotherapy but without the horrible side effects.

Within three months her cancer count was down from 738 to 66. By the end of the third month she was down to 38 and is now steady at around 32. This is apparently a normal level these days. Thank you GMO’s, what a gift to humanity you bring.

She still had a great deal of pain. What we discovered was that the cancer had eaten a hole through the femur of her right hip leaving only about an 1/8th of an inch of bone holding up the weight on that hip. So, a hip replacement surgery was called for and made sense. This proved to be harder to get over than the cancer because of the debilitating pain. But after a few weeks she was able to drive and get around on her own and was out of major pain.

We determined that our intention at the outset was satisfied and my wife and I returned to our nomadic life.

Searching for community, awakening The People and establishing our sovereign BEing has been an important part of our lives. To this end, we decided to move to a “Buddhist inspired” retreat center in the wilderness of northern Colorado where we thought the concepts of a Sovereign would be welcomed as that is what is taught there. Not so much.

What we found there was the typical pattern of corporate corruption and usurpation. The center perceives themselves as so indebted to the Banksters that they can not perceive themselves as the sovereign BEings that they are nor question the authenticity and authority of their oppressors.

While we spent six months gently demonstrating our sovereignty in regards to fraudulent debt and governance, they spent the same time gearing up their new corporate inspired plan. While this was useful for demonstration of how the system works by taking the Value of the People and funneling it to the fraudulent bankers, only some could hear and much fewer could grasp their own slavery to this system. Even documented fact had no bearing on their process. Willful ignorance.

As they began to implement their new corporate scheme based on volume sales of spiritual teachings, we decided that contributing our value to this enterprise was no longer appropriate. This is the beauty of nomadic living. We simply stated our position without drama or conflict and left them to their own creation. It is not up to us to compel another into a conceptual creation. They too are free to BE. If they choose slavery, I am saddened by that, but honor their path. The disappointment of it all is that they have everything they need to be the self-sufficient, self-organizing, sovereign co-creation that the founder had envisioned. The only thing lacking is the courage to see what is right before them and grasp it. As I suppose is the case for most still operating under the slavery system. I am so grateful to not be in that place any more.

Now, with more time available and so much happening, I feel inspired to offer some of my insights again. It is an intentionally confusing time. The powers that were are pulling out the stops on their plans and so are we. Moving forward with suppressed energy and new energy ideas and stepping away from the fraud that is the alleged “government”.

So, where to next?