Keshe USB Files in Bite Sized .zips

–These files are being made available for download to those who have been having trouble downloading the large .rar files. Hope it helps.–

Download the files here.

For those who remain unaware of the dramatic changes happening in the world all around you, this should blow your mind.

For the last couple of years Mr. Keshe, a nuclear physicist, has been releasing his plasma reactor technology to the public in a controlled release. He has released what came to be known as the “USB stick” to all of the governments on earth and I have written about it extensively.

Last week he and his family came under threat of torture and death if he did not cease his work. What has been demonstrated time and again is that those who try to profit from the release of this kind of technology, perish in secrecy. The best defense against the suppression of this technology is to go public, as he had always intended to do. This attack has forced him to do a full disclosure and release of the technology previously held by only the corporate governments of the world. Instead of gratitude for this gift, he received death threats.

To that we say “NUTS!”

The Taiwan government was kind enough to release the data of the USB stick online. Tens of thousands of us have now downloaded it and some of us are distributing it fully, honoring the wishes of the inventor.

The importance of this data can not be diminished or overstated. What this data represents, in a common form for the general public to understand, is the Star Trek technology; Tea, Earl Grey, Hot. Do not be intimidated by terms such as Plasma Reactor. You are a plasma reactor. Nor Nano-technology. It is quite simple. Watch the Kehe DIY Radiation Clean-up video posted on this site.

With a comprehensive understanding of this technology it is possible to create anything one would need to explore space as this was Mr. Keshe’s original intent. Including materials, propulsion, health systems, nutrition, shielding, protection from radiation and more.

I have also included in the downloads the first three chapters of Mr. Keshe’s first book; The Universal Order of the Creation of Matters. The reading of this material is imperative. By the end of chapter 3 your understanding of the universe and everything in it (including yourself) will so dramatically shift that you will not be able to see the world the same again. I strongly encourage you to purchase this series of three books from the Keshe Foundation website. (If for some reason you really can’t afford these books contact me via the contact form and I will try to help you out).

If you are someone who studied the teachings of Tao, Sufi, Buddhist, Hindu, Theravada and others, this data can bring those more esoteric teachings into focus and clarity in such a way as to make your jaw drop and your mind open.

If you are a physicist or engineer, be prepared to start working on the most important and exciting evolution of man in history.

Without further ado, here are four Archived .zip files that should work on PC or Mac formats and the .pdf of the chapters. The largest is 530+MB. You will need to get them all as this was just a complete data dump and for me to figure it all out and have it organized would have taken too long, I was barely able to get them in the first place. I live off the grid and have limited access to internet.

Click here to go to folder.

The link is:

Here is a video interview with Mr. Keshe about these threats and his decision to release by Project Camelots’ Kerry Cassidy.


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