I AM Without Prejudice Ziji Dawa

Here is the latest installment of documents that I, and many others, have been using to inform “the system” and those that operate it that I know how it works. I have been using this to address certain acts of usurpation and fraud against my inherent Value and to prevent further subjugation.

Your signature is the transfer of your energetic Value that the economic system runs on. Those who understand this will do what they must to get you to sign that value over. These documents, with your understanding of WHO YOU ARE, is your protection from that. I won’t go into that here as there has been volumes written both here and other sites such as; american kabuki, Removing the Shackles, I-UV.com, and now the author of the original docs herself has become a blogger! Her site is: http://heatheranntuccijarraf.info.

In the near future I am going to write an article tying together how all of these feature articles I have on this blog are tied together and the effect and affect it is having on the world as we know it.

It seems that some of The One People that have come to hear of this work are only concerned about getting their money, or how to access their Value. Totally missing the point that YOU ARE THE VALUE. The money or gold or property or anything else is a representation of that value.  They are trying to put a price on something inherently priceless. That which has no center or fringe, top or bottom, beginning or end; Consciousness. THAT which IS I AM. The source of all Value.

With this understanding and the legal and lawful backing of these documents, one is free to explore one’s desires fully without concern for the fraudulent system as it can only prey on the ignorant and fearful. As I read that, it sounds harsh and it is not meant to be. We have all been ignorant and many fearful. It’s part of the game. But, the fearfulness begins to wane as the ignorance is dispelled.

You do not have to act on anything and there is nothing being sold here. The work has been done. When you have researched this thoroughly and if you are resonant with it, then BE who you are and DO from that being. The only time you need this is if/when a foreclosed entity attempts to subjugate you again in some way. You have been freed from a slavery you did not even know you were a part of. It is just how things worked.

I’m feeling a little preachy here and I don’t mean to be. It is because I care and it is a challenging concept to really get people to understand and even if they do, they feel powerless to do anything which perpetuates the problem and breaks my heart.

The good news is, I guess, that it is already done. The system of corrupt banksters and their puppet shadow governments are, as I heard it said the other day, staggering around like a drunken frat boy.

I have monolithic confidence that we are about to alter the future for all BEings on this planet and beyond through the many skillful means of many BEings. I have expected it before now. But all things come at the perfect time. All is done and done perfectly through the will and the word of I and I AM I.

With Love, Without prejudice,

Ziji Dawa
also perceived as Steven McMichael

To see the previous declarations that have led to these, see my Public Notice with links to those documents.