Keshe Plasma Log February 21, 2015-Hemoglobin, Lymph, 2H

After almost two years we finally get to come back to this and explain it more fully.

This experiment is in the category of materials creation.

A basic understanding of Keshe Plasma Physics Theory is helpful in understanding how this works. I will attempt to explain to the best of my abilities.

It is important to understand that when creating materials we are working with the plasma fields of the Matters not just the matter itself (see book #1 – Universal Creation of Matters). Remembering that all phenomena at all times is comprised of three Matters. Principal Matter (anti-matter), Transition Matter (dark matter) and Matter (matter) plus some similar strength plasmatic-magnetic rays.

In the container which is made of biodegradable corn, is salt water, nano-coated copper strip, nano-coated copper wire and a zinc coated steel wrench.

The salt water is the conductive medium used for capturing the GaNS (Gas in Nano State) material. When the nano-coated copper plasmatic magnetic-gravitational fields (MaGravs) interact with the iron MaGravs of the wrench the field strengths create the conditions to capture CH3. The CH3 becomes the basis for the hemoglobin. The CH3 is energy. The energy it carries is emotion.

The Zinc creates the plasma state conditions  to capture CO2 in the mix which is the emotional element.

Amino acids begin to form on the surface. Amino acids consists of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen (C, H, O, N).

As soon as the amino acids begin to form, that dictates the strength. The Carbon and Hydrogen bond is inline with the amino acid and iron in a strength that it is hemoglobin.

“What we are doing is transforming the matter condition of physicality into the plasma state of physicality.”

–Merhan T. Keshe

Starting with the matter state of copper, for instance. We take a piece of copper and nano-coat it using caustic. This expands the atomic structure by orders of magnitude making it super-conductive. This in turn expands the gravitational and magnetic fields. When placed into a conductive environment be it salt water, sugar water, colloidal silver, the fields will interact creating materials of a higher order of the plasma state of physicality.

In this field strength the material that was a wrench would no longer self-identify as iron. At this stage it is a loose bond of similar strength MaGravs being attracted by similar field strengths.

This can be seen in the Log video on the left hand side of the container. The material that showed up there was indeed carbon, but not from the nano-coated copper as suggested, but rather the carbon being shed in the formation of H3 or ³H, Tritium. (Correction: After watching the 165th workshop this would appear to be Deuterium ²H).

You can see when I changed the conditions by swirling the material the black carbon became something else. It didn’t sink or just mix in, it linked back up and became CH3 or CO2 again.

In this way we are able to access and manipulate the common denominator consistent throughout the universe, hydrogen.

And that takes us into the more nroad conversation of materials creation and space flight via positioning relative to other bodies. Mr. Keshe deftly returns to that subject at ~ the 2:38:00 mark in the video below.

If you would like a more detailed explanation I encourage you to watch the public teaching 144 below.

The description of this process can be heard from Mr. Keshe starting at 37:30 mark.

The whole first section supports the creation of materials and space travel.



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