Plasma Fields in Ice

I still have a lot of notes to add to this post, but I had time to post it today so I did because it is useful in studying the dynamic flow of the Plasma.

In short though, these freezing of nano materials or plasma balls, etc. are really useful and beautiful.

What we can see is the shadow or the wake of the plasma. At the bottom of the container is a free plasma with strong gravitational fields drawing in plasma with a similar MaGrav field strength as Hydrogen. As the light plasma neutron and the hydrogen neutron interact, the Oxygen is left behind in pockets creating the wake that we can observe.

The center column is tightly compressed hydrogen that is progressing up the nano-coated material from the gravitational or south pole. The stronger the gravitational fields get, the stronger the magnetical fields get and expand out along the coil of the material to then be released at the magnetical or north pole and as they diminish in magnetical strength they move down to be converted to gravitational fields, creating a loop with an opening for new plasma to be formed.

The question I have about this is; if the plasma of light at the strength of Hydrogen interacts and strips away the H2 of the H2O, is the hydrogen mass in the center the GaNS of H3 or even ³H?

I did note on one image where what looks like carbon appears in the southern/bottom part.



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