What am I doing and Why is this here?

steveHead_GSmallThe work I put up here is the result of course work as-well-as my own personal thoughts, art and philosophies.

Everything within existence, bar none, has a beginning, a middle and an end. During this life span relationships are created that promote the health of the ecology or the disfunction of the ecology. All of this happens as a result of dependent origination. From the moment intention meets with the source energy to manifest it, that energy then becomes a form, like an atom or a wave of energy. The result is the world you see before you. As Amit Gaswami promotes, “Consciousness is the ground of being.”




1. the branch of biology dealing with the relations and interactions between organisms and their environment, including other organisms.

2. Also called human ecology. the branch of sociology concerned with the spacing and interdependence of people and institutions.

That these definitions are considered separate, points to the space for this conversation. It is not my intention to co-opt this term away from science and into metaphysic or spiritual realms. Rather to expand the conversation to understand that no matter if we are studying the ecology of a tree or the ecology of politics and finance, as the human race are inherently a part of the study. Not separate or different from that which we study and that we are a part of a larger ecology. So, as I speak, I am not talking about environment, although environment is part of it. I am not talking about politics, even though politics is part of it.

My primary audience for this conversation, although a human conversation, is the western world and primarily the citizens of the United States. Our ecology has become corrupted by a small cancerous group of cells that is killing us off like a bad cancer turns on it’s own body. From time to time in history this cancer shows itself, but has been there influencing how the whole body works since the beginning of civilization. We have not had much direct experience of being full and healthy since. Constant manufacturing of wars and power grabbing has kept us in ill health and has disturbed the very basis for life. So, it is to these ends that I wish to bridge the understanding that Human Ecology can not be separate from Ecology in the understanding that as humans our institutions influence the ecology as a whole and we can no longer allow duality to be the basis for our decisions if we wish to persist.

I am not a journalist nor a writer, I am not an academic or even particularly intellectual. I am just a guy who has been seeing materialism blinding the people of this world and suffering increase as we forget our basic goodness. I can see why and that it would be beneficial for us to change our ways. Change is already upon us. How we relate to that change as a planetary human ecology and in the U.S., as the host of this parasite, will determine how that turns out. Many people seem to have turned to the external world for reasons for our suffering and for the solutions. We are human beings who think thoughts and bring things into a manifested state. We have the opportunity of this very moment to do something different and move through our next cyclical change and become something unknown, creative and benevolent. To become that which in our deeper hearts we long to be but have forgone because of hope and fear.

So in the end, to study the Ecology Of Everything one must come to realize that one is not external or separate and that no one is to blame. Harmony will from time to time become unbalanced and it is up to us to return the ecology to balance by removing the negative energy that has become manifest, that we have created out of our ignorance. Then we can move forward accommodating those who need to do with something to do and those who need to sit with a place to sit with the ultimate understanding that it is all basically good.

deep ecology

a radical environmental movement and philosophy that regards humans as equal to other organisms within the global ecosystem.


What do you think?

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