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Dynamic Reactor No. 1

This is a long and sort of boring video about an exciting reactor that worked well. This reactor was built In February – March of 2015.

In this video it is shown how the reactor was built and the GaNS that was captured to create the plasma.

I say it worked well because:

  • The plasma fields could be felt very strongly.
  • The magnetic fields could be measured above the unit to at least 18ft. (6m) in a range from 89ųT-520ųT near the stacks of GaNS containers around the unit.
  • This house had an old fashion boiler system with iron pipes. The boiler itself was only a year old and in good working order. After running the reactor for a couple of days straight the pipes started to knock. After a week the boiler itself had a pressure change that it started to overflow. I say the plasmatic pressure in the iron pipes increased within the closed loop system.
  • I gained 15-20lbs. which is unheard of for me. I have been the same weight since the age of 15.

What is not mentioned in the video is that the metal bowl would not nano-coat so I coated it in CH3 in the same way as people started doing with the coils.

The video wouldn’t upload to YouTube, so it has been sitting on my Google drive.

Here is a link:

If this doesn’t work please let me know.