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Attention House of Breakspear



August 10, 2016

To the attention of Henry Breakspear, The House of Breakspear, et. al. – Macau, China.

I AM I. I AM is also perceived as Steven D. McMichael and commonly known as Ziji Dawa the lawful owner of the former PERSON/CORPORATE FICTION perceived as STEVEN D. MCMICHAEL.

The following declaration is based on the assertion that of the perceived duality of 12 + 1, The House of Breakspear is perceived as the “+1” on the basis that where you go the money flows. In recent years you have relocated from THE CITY OF LONDON to CHINA. This has been commensurate with the increase of the wealth and influence of BRICS nations and the decline of UK and U.S. corporations in perceived influence and power.

As the former Bank of International Settlements and all corporations acting in the guise of “govern ment” specifically THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. are now bankrupt and foreclosed due to FRAUD and PERPETUATING A SLAVERY SYSTEM as demonstrated in the references below AND as public declaration setting aside the Roman Curia of the VATICAN city-state has been created and published, all secular and spiritual contracts have been nullified. Continue reading Attention House of Breakspear


I AM Without Prejudice Ziji Dawa

Here is the latest installment of documents that I, and many others, have been using to inform “the system” and those that operate it that I know how it works. I have been using this to address certain acts of usurpation and fraud against my inherent Value and to prevent further subjugation.

Your signature is the transfer of your energetic Value that the economic system runs on. Those who understand this will do what they must to get you to sign that value over. These documents, with your understanding of WHO YOU ARE, is your protection from that. Continue reading I AM Without Prejudice Ziji Dawa