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The Plasma of Art


Sometimes things are just cool.

By increasing the saturation of the color in these shots the fields can be seen in a different light ;-)~


Keshe Foundation First Public Workshop

Here I am posting the first of Mr. Keshe’s public workshops for understanding of the plasma reactor technologies. The entire series of 9 workshops that began one year ago, March 2013, can be found on MrFixItRick on YouTube.

The current series called Knowledge Seekers, can be found here.

Again to fully grasp the nature of this work the books are vital and can be found at

Remember; Love is the answer. Good luck. Continue reading Keshe Foundation First Public Workshop

Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute Session Two

I will update these postings with better descriptions. I just wanted to get them out along with the release of the data.


Session 2 – March 13, 2014

Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute Session One

A working group of scientist from around the world gather to pass along knowledge of the reactor systems.

Thank you Rick and the panel with many blessings Mr. Keshe.

Session One – March 6, 2014


Common Law Grand Jury Procedures


[eOe] For my many friends and relations who are Catholic, which is vast as I went to a Catholic school, the information on The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State may be…difficult. However, after decades of research and practice, if we follow the money, the power and the laws that we have been living by until now it all leads back to the Vatican, those within the Vatican and those behind the Vatican, the City of London and Washington D.C. as a trio-fecta of slavery, backed by other long standing entities lurking in the background, that has spread across the planet.

Currently the law that we has been usurped and subjugated by are maritime and civil law, which is a private law. Common Law is the law of the land and The People. This was all done through commerce. You could say that we have been taken over by the Ferengi (Characters from Star Trek who operate purely in commerce and are very conniving liars). Continue reading Common Law Grand Jury Procedures

Keshe USB Files in Bite Sized .zips

–These files are being made available for download to those who have been having trouble downloading the large .rar files. Hope it helps.–

Download the files here.

For those who remain unaware of the dramatic changes happening in the world all around you, this should blow your mind.

For the last couple of years Mr. Keshe, a nuclear physicist, has been releasing his plasma reactor technology to the public in a controlled release. He has released what came to be known as the “USB stick” to all of the governments on earth and I have written about it extensively.

Last week he and his family came under threat of torture and death if he did not cease his work. What has been demonstrated time and again is that those who try to profit from the release of this kind of technology, perish in secrecy. The best defense against the suppression of this technology is to go public, as he had always intended to do. Continue reading Keshe USB Files in Bite Sized .zips

Got Radiation? Keshe DIY Clean-up

There have a great many developments and releases of information over the last few months. This video by the Keshe Foundation is the one that got me to come back to writing this blog. This particular video was released a month ago.

He has demonstrated in this video how to very simply create nano-materials that are of similar “magrav” fields to the cesium or other radioactive materials in the soil or water and allow them to be collected using common materials found around your property. Continue reading Got Radiation? Keshe DIY Clean-up

Must Be The Irish In Me

I can’t remember how I found my way to this now as so much data is being made transparent at this time. But I could relate to these folks and their outrage and willingness to stand up for their neighbors and themselves. I thought maybe it is the Irish in me that has not been able to ignore this bull shit for so many years? Then I thought, well it could be the Scot as well or the French and for sure the Native American. Continue reading Must Be The Irish In Me

Geert Is DOing, Netherlands Keshe Reactor Development


Note: Had to fix a typo. Nederland is a town near where I live Netherlads is the country Geert is from.

Geert Vranckx from Netherlands has been working on his Keshe reactor and gives his latest demonstration. His is very similar to the Polish version. Looks like the courses Keshe has been teaching have been effective. Check out his YouTube Page.

The good news is he has a Troll. Must be doing something right.

The courses can be found on Mr. FixItRicks YouTube site:

Chinese Prototype of Keshe Reactor

I have no idea what is being said. However, it is clear that not only has this team built the reactor but is also experimenting with the different gasses to create a specific affect. I just don’t know what. I look forward to the translation, and really need to start speaking Chinese.


From M.T. Keshe:

Chinese have built their reactor and its supporting system.

We have spoken to the chinese developer and he has given the Foundation the permission to release his video.

Please follow the link and use the cod to see the video.

We congratulate the chinese team for their marvelous work.

Here is the link to his video: