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Observations on the history and the current affairs of politics and finance. Based on thirty-five years of watching a heist unfold. The hostile takeover of America.

I AM Without Prejudice Ziji Dawa

Here is the latest installment of documents that I, and many others, have been using to inform “the system” and those that operate it that I know how it works. I have been using this to address certain acts of usurpation and fraud against my inherent Value and to prevent further subjugation.

Your signature is the transfer of your energetic Value that the economic system runs on. Those who understand this will do what they must to get you to sign that value over. These documents, with your understanding of WHO YOU ARE, is your protection from that. Continue reading I AM Without Prejudice Ziji Dawa


Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute Session Two

I will update these postings with better descriptions. I just wanted to get them out along with the release of the data.


Session 2 – March 13, 2014

Common Law Grand Jury Procedures


[eOe] For my many friends and relations who are Catholic, which is vast as I went to a Catholic school, the information on The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State may be…difficult. However, after decades of research and practice, if we follow the money, the power and the laws that we have been living by until now it all leads back to the Vatican, those within the Vatican and those behind the Vatican, the City of London and Washington D.C. as a trio-fecta of slavery, backed by other long standing entities lurking in the background, that has spread across the planet.

Currently the law that we has been usurped and subjugated by are maritime and civil law, which is a private law. Common Law is the law of the land and The People. This was all done through commerce. You could say that we have been taken over by the Ferengi (Characters from Star Trek who operate purely in commerce and are very conniving liars). Continue reading Common Law Grand Jury Procedures

Keshe USB Files in Bite Sized .zips

–These files are being made available for download to those who have been having trouble downloading the large .rar files. Hope it helps.–

Download the files here.

For those who remain unaware of the dramatic changes happening in the world all around you, this should blow your mind.

For the last couple of years Mr. Keshe, a nuclear physicist, has been releasing his plasma reactor technology to the public in a controlled release. He has released what came to be known as the “USB stick” to all of the governments on earth and I have written about it extensively.

Last week he and his family came under threat of torture and death if he did not cease his work. What has been demonstrated time and again is that those who try to profit from the release of this kind of technology, perish in secrecy. The best defense against the suppression of this technology is to go public, as he had always intended to do. Continue reading Keshe USB Files in Bite Sized .zips

Must Be The Irish In Me

I can’t remember how I found my way to this now as so much data is being made transparent at this time. But I could relate to these folks and their outrage and willingness to stand up for their neighbors and themselves. I thought maybe it is the Irish in me that has not been able to ignore this bull shit for so many years? Then I thought, well it could be the Scot as well or the French and for sure the Native American. Continue reading Must Be The Irish In Me

There’ll Be Days Like This

When I was standing alone against forces of oppression,
Van reminded me they’ll be days like this.

When I was alone, broken and feeling betrayed,
Van reminded me they’ll be days like this.

When I felt the need to give up that which I most treasured,
Van reminded me they’ll be days like this. Continue reading There’ll Be Days Like This

Common Heroes Rising, Brandon Toy

[eOe: This is the nature of this rEVOLution. As we withdraw our energy which has been used to create this corrupt and confused system, it all falls apart. Then we all rebuild together. This is an incredibly brave act, I know. And it does hurt sometimes. But at some point the realization that you just can’t be the source of suffering anymore just becomes too great.  Just walk away.
Much love to Brandon Toy for following his truth.]

Continue reading Common Heroes Rising, Brandon Toy

The One Peoples Show – July 1, 2013 ‘Accessing Value’

5D_MediaTonight’s The One Peoples Show gives the background of where we have been and how we got here and begins to form the picture of where and how we will move forward from here.

Heather has given a good verbal description of tools that are becoming available for us to access our value and to expand our expression of BEing as we engage on a new level with the existing system and with each other.

This show is important to listen to to prepare for the massive actions that we will be taking this week. Continue reading The One Peoples Show – July 1, 2013 ‘Accessing Value’

D says ‘The Tidal Wave is Coming!’

Reposted from Removing The Shackles.

[Steve note: We have been given the weekend to review these documents again. I know I will be as there was such a data dump in the first few weeks that it was hard to get our heads around it all. Surely these will be read in a new light and with deeper understanding. I hope you have your vision ready and have been DOing. We are ready.] Continue reading D says ‘The Tidal Wave is Coming!’

A Hardy Welcome To The NSA


I wish to extend a warm welcome to the entities at the NSA to my blog.

For years we have been trying to communicate with you but you have been as wall flowers staying in the background.

In case you didn’t realize it, you could have just clicked the FOLLOW button. It’s FREE!

Many of the blogs and websites that you are monitoring have been erected with the intention of reaching out to you as an invitation to come out of the shadows and relate to us directly.

After continued refusals to engage openly and transparently many became offended by your voyeuristic approach and hostile attacks. Others became exhibitionists. Still others just tried to pretend you just weren’t there.

Admittedly we did not understand that you were communicating openly, in your own way, through the media, governments and corporations. All that you do and aspire to is portrayed in the media and all around us. I get that.

However, in this new and INvolving landscape, what is important to note is that (I) have Absolute Love, Gratitude and Appreciation for your BEing. It is your DOing that (I) am addressing. Your DOing is, and has been, causing damage to countless BEings.

(I) has established the logical, spiritual, ethical, legal, financial and military basis for these activities to end and establishes the freedom of all Eternal Essences Embodied, yet you persist.

As such you, by your own free will choice, cause your value to be considered irrelevant in the progression of the new landscape that we are INvolving into. This is regrettable as the value you offer is considerable to the benefit of all BEings throughout time and space, in all dimensions in countless universes.

iLogoA paragraph in the Universal Value Exchange introduction was added to allow the space for you to come and join the party…

(I) consciously PAYS focused energy to unite and integrate the DO’ing and BE’ing of the embodiments of eternal essence within eternal essence’s universe, absent judgment made of any role an embodiment of eternal essence played in the former systems of experiment in any allusion of existence. In Absolute Truth not one embodiment of eternal essence is more important or less than another.

What has been clearly stated is that this experience is done and it is time to move on. We are creating a new reality that the majority of people on this planet want to experience.

You are warmly invited to participate transparently.

Surely you are aware of this as it is posted…everywhere. But if you would like to read this filing again you can see it here.

Aloha and I hope you enjoy my blog.

P.S. As you have not seemed to learned manners where you come from I should be clear, I DO NOT CONSENT TO YOU ACCESSING ANY DATA OF MINE THAT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. THIS IS A VIOLATION OF UCC FILING Rec. No. 2013032035.