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Examine the cycles of power shifting amongst a small group of individuals that has brought us to this point and what their plans were for humanity. Primarily the latest run up to current starting in 1910.

I will also explore The Constitution and how we became corporate owned commodities in 1781 after after the original Constitution was rewritten from the 1776 Constitution.

On this day David Icke spoke my truth

David Icke 2013 Bilderberg
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On this day at the Bilderberg Conference, David Icke spoke MY truth as if I were to speak it myself (which is weird). In this world today the only tool we have is our resonance. Our relatedness to Consciousness is what navigates our listening and our actions. When we hear a truth, we know it. Will we then act from that place of truth or ignore it? That is Free Will. Will we acknowledge our connection to all that is, including those involved with the Bilderberg Group, or will we turn and embrace the little me?

For me that is a moment by moment decision.

What deeply interested me was that he was preaching to the choir; and the choir is getting huge!

I am pretty sure that somewhere in these speeches I heard the name of William Wallace invoked.

After David, Alex Jones does his thing laying out unrebutted and unrebuttable facts for those who are of the more “show me” persuasion.

Either which way the message is clear. Withdraw your energy in every form possible from this system and stand not just for yourself and your children, but for all of humanity.

We can do better.

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If You Still Think The Fed Is Your Friend

WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP. The Story of the 2012 Revolution By HopeGirl

I have been following these events for 35 years. I used to write extensively on the subject and continually had to rebuild my blog when it would be taken down, hacked. The last time it was hacked they also got all of my backups, even the ones on my computer. That is why I am going to keep a backup of this on disk. I am having formatting issues that need to get figured out. So, please go to HopeGirl2012’s website where it is nicely put together.

With all of my heart I endorse this research and in the following posts I will support the upcoming projects to take on the actions to create our Golden Age devoid of the negative forces that have provided the only world we have known, full of suffering for their benefit.

If you have not become familiar with this information yet, take a deep breath and keep breathing and keep waking up.

With great Love,