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I AM Without Prejudice Ziji Dawa

Here is the latest installment of documents that I, and many others, have been using to inform “the system” and those that operate it that I know how it works. I have been using this to address certain acts of usurpation and fraud against my inherent Value and to prevent further subjugation.

Your signature is the transfer of your energetic Value that the economic system runs on. Those who understand this will do what they must to get you to sign that value over. These documents, with your understanding of WHO YOU ARE, is your protection from that. Continue reading I AM Without Prejudice Ziji Dawa


Common Law Grand Jury Procedures

from: itccs.org

[eOe] For my many friends and relations who are Catholic, which is vast as I went to a Catholic school, the information on The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State may be…difficult. However, after decades of research and practice, if we follow the money, the power and the laws that we have been living by until now it all leads back to the Vatican, those within the Vatican and those behind the Vatican, the City of London and Washington D.C. as a trio-fecta of slavery, backed by other long standing entities lurking in the background, that has spread across the planet.

Currently the law that we has been usurped and subjugated by are maritime and civil law, which is a private law. Common Law is the law of the land and The People. This was all done through commerce. You could say that we have been taken over by the Ferengi (Characters from Star Trek who operate purely in commerce and are very conniving liars). Continue reading Common Law Grand Jury Procedures

D says ‘The Tidal Wave is Coming!’

Reposted from Removing The Shackles.

[Steve note: We have been given the weekend to review these documents again. I know I will be as there was such a data dump in the first few weeks that it was hard to get our heads around it all. Surely these will be read in a new light and with deeper understanding. I hope you have your vision ready and have been DOing. We are ready.] Continue reading D says ‘The Tidal Wave is Coming!’