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Use of Plasma in the Creation of Living Tissue

In the winter of 2013-14 I began to create GaNS in an environment that was rich in metals and spiders.

One of these experiments manifested in hemoglobin. Several became a CH3 compound even though they should have been something like CO2 GaNS because the environment was extremely populated with iron. It was an old metal workers shop.

After a few months I had to pack up and move along and I packed this and other GaNS together in a container separated into these small jars.

CH3 GaNS material after one year. Two forms have appeared. Click for larger image.

A year later in the winter of 2014-15, I was able to settle back in for the winter to resume my work. I pulled everything out. When I looked in this jar I found two of these globs. I just thought that it was the CH3 reforming into what it was, a sort of soft iron.

Then, as it is with me, I had to pack up again for the summer location and it sat for another year.

This winter as I am settling in to get back to work, I looked in the jar again. Now there are four of them and they have a strong appearance of living tissue.

Of the 9 different CH3 strength GaNS that I collected this is the only one showing this result.

As I study them, they look like the liver of a small animal like a mouse or rat. There was certainly some of that material in the environment where this was started.

I don’t have this one labeled so I can’t be sure but it may have been created using Magnesium Sulfate (epsom salt… w/lavender).

Here are 3 of the 4 after 2 years in the environment. The 4th doesn’t like to hang out with the rest.

My thought is that some of the amino acids (C,O,H,N) were still in the mix. Chances are this was not washed completely as well. So there was the conditions for hemoglobin in the jar itself and CuO2 and CO2 fields next to it in the storage container. What it didn’t have was Calcium, so no bones.

Now, I am not willing to start cutting into them to see what they look like inside as that is not in line with our ethos.

Here is the fourth form.

So I turn to you for your ideas on what this may be.

Has anyone else seen this?

Do you think this is division of the Plasma or separate entities?

Any ideas on how I can explore this in a non-invasive, dare I say, kind way?

I am also thinking that it has been limited in its growth based on the environment of a closed jar with only so much GaNS. But I am concerned about changing it’s environment.

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The Plasma of Art


Sometimes things are just cool.

By increasing the saturation of the color in these shots the fields can be seen in a different light ;-)~

Keshe Plasma Log No. 2 February 8, 2015

Here is a short log documenting the set up of experiments that would result in the creation of hemoglobin. How this happens is explained in the February 21, log where you can see the formation of materials. Continue reading Keshe Plasma Log No. 2 February 8, 2015

Keshe Plasma Log February 8, 2015

Showing a natural state of GANS creation by taking the nano-coated and metallic materials from previous GANS experiments and putting them all together into one container and letting the magrav fields find their position and create freely. This also will make a good GaNS collection for the primary reactor with the use of any of the other GaNS created separately in the other reactors.

Test also shows the plasma field and strength within the passive reactor formation. Continue reading Keshe Plasma Log February 8, 2015

Dynamic Reactor No. 1

This is a long and sort of boring video about an exciting reactor that worked well. This reactor was built In February – March of 2015.

In this video it is shown how the reactor was built and the GaNS that was captured to create the plasma.

I say it worked well because:

  • The plasma fields could be felt very strongly.
  • The magnetic fields could be measured above the unit to at least 18ft. (6m) in a range from 89ųT-520ųT near the stacks of GaNS containers around the unit.
  • This house had an old fashion boiler system with iron pipes. The boiler itself was only a year old and in good working order. After running the reactor for a couple of days straight the pipes started to knock. After a week the boiler itself had a pressure change that it started to overflow. I say the plasmatic pressure in the iron pipes increased within the closed loop system.
  • I gained 15-20lbs. which is unheard of for me. I have been the same weight since the age of 15.

What is not mentioned in the video is that the metal bowl would not nano-coat so I coated it in CH3 in the same way as people started doing with the coils.

The video wouldn’t upload to YouTube, so it has been sitting on my Google drive.

Here is a link:


If this doesn’t work please let me know.

Keshe Foundation First Public Workshop

Here I am posting the first of Mr. Keshe’s public workshops for understanding of the plasma reactor technologies. The entire series of 9 workshops that began one year ago, March 2013, can be found on MrFixItRick on YouTube.

The current series called Knowledge Seekers, can be found here.

Again to fully grasp the nature of this work the books are vital and can be found at http://keshefoundation.org.

Remember; Love is the answer. Good luck. Continue reading Keshe Foundation First Public Workshop

Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute Session Two

I will update these postings with better descriptions. I just wanted to get them out along with the release of the data.


Session 2 – March 13, 2014

Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute Session One

A working group of scientist from around the world gather to pass along knowledge of the reactor systems.

Thank you Rick and the panel with many blessings Mr. Keshe.

Session One – March 6, 2014


Geert Is DOing, Netherlands Keshe Reactor Development


Note: Had to fix a typo. Nederland is a town near where I live Netherlads is the country Geert is from.

Geert Vranckx from Netherlands has been working on his Keshe reactor and gives his latest demonstration. His is very similar to the Polish version. Looks like the courses Keshe has been teaching have been effective. Check out his YouTube Page.

The good news is he has a Troll. Must be doing something right.

The courses can be found on Mr. FixItRicks YouTube site: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrfixitRick?feature=c4-feed-lik

Chinese Prototype of Keshe Reactor

I have no idea what is being said. However, it is clear that not only has this team built the reactor but is also experimenting with the different gasses to create a specific affect. I just don’t know what. I look forward to the translation, and really need to start speaking Chinese.


From M.T. Keshe:

Chinese have built their reactor and its supporting system.

We have spoken to the chinese developer and he has given the Foundation the permission to release his video.

Please follow the link and use the cod to see the video.

We congratulate the chinese team for their marvelous work.

Here is the link to his video: http://www.56.com/u93/v_OTI5MzkzNDY.html